Hot Sauce NFL Playoff Preview

On my schedule this week I was told that I needed to preview the NFL playoff games.  You may not have realized it but the 2019-2020 season has only three total games remaining.  This is somewhat depressing but it does mean we’re just a few days away from the Super Bowl. This got me thinking about which of the teams deserves a chance to play in the big game.

There are so many way to determine which teams should be advancing.  Then it struck me, part of what makes the Super Bowl on of the best events each year is the parties that it is associated with.  Think of all the amazing spreads you’ve enjoyed over the years.  Then I thought perhaps the best way to determine who was most worthy is by evaluating what food each of these cities can bring to the table.  It really is the one true way to determine valor.

AFC Championship Game (Battle for BBQ Supremacy)

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs have that thing going for them that made Golden State absolutely terrifying during their championship runs.  Last round they were down by 24 in the first quarter.  Before halftime, the Chiefs had taken the lead and seized the momentum.  Patrick Mahomes is a legit terminator and he and this team of speedsters seem to be able to come back from any deficit.

My only issue really comes down to Kansas City Barbeque.  It’s absolutely middle of the road.  I appreciate the time put into their variety of smoke delights, however, KC BBQ sauce is far too sweet and too thick to truly appreciate the artistry that is fine bbq sauce.  This has me worried that they simply may not be worthy of a victory this coming Sunday.

Tennessee Titans: The advantage when it comes to barbeque has to go to the Titans. For those who haven’t been to Nashville know that it is a delicious melting pot of all of what the south has to offer in one place. If you’re in town and want to check out a great BBQ spot before settling into a bar to watch the AFC finals hit up Peg Leg Porker.  Carey Bringle is a heck of a pit master and he’ll take good care of you!

The Titans also love running the ball.  Why not do so when you’ve got a dude who runs hard enough to have earned eating a whole hog post game (Derek Henry).  The Chiefs have averaged 4.5 rushing yards allowed per attempt and there isn’t a team less concerned with passing than the Tennessee Titans.  This may all set up for a Ryan Tannehill to return to Miami but this time as a Super Bowl participant.

Super Bowl Snack Advantage: Tennessee -10

Prediction: Titans wins by 10

NFC Championship (Cheddar vs Molecular Gastronomy)

Green Bay Packers: So here’s the thing, Green Bay obviously doesn’t have a great barbeque tradition.  They do have cheese.  While their cheddar cheese is far from revolutionary it is delicious, simple and earnest.  Cheese is important to a solid Super Bowl Spread so it will not go completely unacknowledged. Given how cold it can get in Green Bay it seems odd that no one realized that firing up some wood and throwing some meat atop is bound to keep you warm!

It’s almost as embarrassing as not realizing what you have in Aaron Jones.  For too long Jones didn’t get the workload he should have earned far earlier in his career.  Obviously the greatness of Aaron Rodgers can’t be doubted.  However, other than his running backs, Davante Adams and the aging shell of Jimmy Graham, the rest of the receiving group is remedial at best. I should prepare invites to the rest of the receivers room for future super bowls because they likely won’t be in the league in a couple of years.  Despite the team’s inability to surround one of the game’s greatest quarterbacks with true talent, the team did win 12 games.  They take this resume into the NFC Championship this weekend.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers have an absolutely overwhelming defense.  Richard Sherman has looked every bit the shutdown corner as he has always been and Nick Bosa seems to be every bit as unblockable as his brother.  Offensively, Kyle Shanahan has built an offense that is run heavy but creates opportunities for Jimmy Garoppolo to succeed.  With a monster tight end (George Kittle) and some pretty versatile receivers like Debo Samuel and Emmanuel Sanders this team seems to have all the pieces to advance to the Superbowl.

The question of Superbowl snacks does come up here.  San Francisco is known more for it’s trends, avocado toast and green juice than it’s game time delicacy.  Or so you would think… let your mom’s enjoy the west coast rose and instead smash down on some west coast craft beers and some bizarre street foods that you think would never work but it does.  Yeah I don’t know how chocolate pudding sauce works on a bacon taco.  I don’t even know why you’d have a bacon taco, but my god it’s delicious. Does the world need Cauliflower Popcorn, a Donut Burger, Lamb Cupcakes or a Sushiritto (Sushi Burrito)?  Absolutley not! It is however, a better world because we have them!

Super Bowl Snack Advantage: San Francisco by 15 snack points

Prediction: San Francisco wins by 15

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