Top 5 Cowboys Coaches… OF ALL TIME !

Now that Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys split ways, the Hot Sauce boys asked me who the best Dallas Cowboys coaches of all time are. They’ve had such a long history of success that it shouldn’t be hard. The Cowboys have had great players and coaches but the one constant is that the pressure to win in Big D was always prevalent in the locker room. Here are my Top 5 Dallas Cowboys coaches in history.

5- Jason Garrett

I know… I know… He never won a Super Bowl. There are only three coaches in Cowboys history that won the Lombardi Trophy. I liked Jason Garrett because he was a players coach. The players loved him, except for Dez Bryant that accused Garrett of wasting years off Dez’s career. In 2016, Garrett won NFL Coach of the Year, he is 85-67 in the Regular Season and 2-3 in the Playoffs. Garrett had his faults, the clapping and the spitting every two seconds. He spent 9 years coaching Dallas to winning four NFC East titles, developing numerous future HOFers like Jason WItten, Zeke Elliott and potentially Tony Romo.

4- Wade Phillips

Aug 9, 2018; Baltimore, MD, USA; Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips walks on the field before the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I loved when Wade Phillips was Head Coach. He was so cute out there celebrating on big plays while running the defense. Wade is a defensive mastermind and helped develop players like HOFer Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee and many more. Phillips finished his tenure as Head Coach 82-64 with a 1-5 postseason record. He won two divison titles in his four year tenure before being replaced by Jason Garrett after starting the 2010 season 1-7. Phillips wona Super Bowl in Denver later on as a Defensive Coordinator with Demarcus Ware.

3- Bill Parcells

If it wasn’t for Bill Parcells, we would never have known Tony Romo or even Sean Payton. Parcells never won any major titles with the Cowboys, he won the NFC East his first year but lost in the opening round. WHy do I have him at #3? Because he put Romo in, he drafted Marcus Spears and Demarcus Ware to start building his defense. He brought Terrelle Owens in. Parcells developed coaches like Sean Payton in New Orleans and players everywhere he went. He started the saying “Earn the Star” that has followed the Cowboys to this day. The Cowboys would’ve tanked had he not refused to let the ship sink in the early 2000s.

2- Tom Landry

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KNown for his iconic look, Most people have him at #1. I wouldn’t argue that it’s just I never saw Landry coach, he was fired when was 2 years old. Landry was the first coach in Cowboys history in 1960 up until 1988 when Uncle Jerry bought the team and fired Landry. Landry built the dynasty we all know as America’s team winning two Super Bowls in the 70s, making the Super Bowl five times, twelve NFC East championships, Coach of the year in 1966 and 18 Playoff Berths. The list of HOFers that played under him is too long to list. Staubach and Lilly to name a couple. He created the 4-3 defense we know today. He was a pioneer of the game that should never be forgotten.

1- Jimmy Johnson

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The man that started the saying. The man with the greatest hair I’ve ever seen. The man that made Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Larry Allen and Emmitt Smith all first ballott HOFers. Jimmy Johnson won two Super Bowls in the 90s and a Coach of the year in 1990. Jerry Jones brought in Jimmy fresh off winning a National Championship at the University of Miami. In five seasons as Head Coach, Jimmy Johnson changed the look of the Cowboys and created the most annoying fanbase in sports.

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