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Browns have lost control and it’s ugly to watch

The Browns have lost four straight games since they dominated the Baltimore Ravens on September 29th. The Cleveland Browns had so much hype coming into this season. OBJ and Landry were on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Baker was coming off an impressive rookie season and I still think it’s competely normal that he sucked this year. The players aren’t motivated and they were promised to be on top of the division.

Reasons why they suck:

Baker has too much pressure on him, mainly applied by himself. Baker talked so much trash and was uber confident going into his sophomore year. The sophomore year is usually when QBs get exposed, Cam Newton is the best example. Great rookie year, terible sophomore and MVP his third year. Baker will be fine if he does the right things. But, with 7 TDs, 12 INTs and only two TDs to OBJ and Landry combined, isn’t where you wanna be. Baker’s frustration is showing and a QB in the NFL needs to have confidence, just like he did last year. Also. get rid of that moustache.

Kitchens has no control over his kitchen. Freddie Kitchens is the ultimate players guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that. He has lost control over his players. Players repeatedly violating the NFL’s equipment policies and threatening fans on Twitter. OBJ and Landry were told to change their cleats at halftime because they violated the equipment policy. Jermaine Whitehead was waived by the Browns for threatening fans on Twitter only 15 minutes after they lost to the Denver Broncos.

The Browns should take this season as a loss and start prepping for the draft. They’ve built a good team and they should have a much better record than what they have now. I wish them good luck for the 2020 season.

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