World Series Preview: I’m rooting for the Astros. Because I’m from Montreal

The 2019 World Series is upon us. I will admit that I didn’t watch as much as I usually do this year but nonetheless, I did follow. I never rooted for the Nationals and I was, up until recently, privately rooting for the New York Yankees. I love a story like the Astros had a few years ago. I love a story that the Nationals have this year and I also like that the big bad Bronx Bombers are back.

I support the Mets and am very vocal about that and normally I hate the Yankees but at the beginning of the year I found myself following them. Judge, Chapman, Stanton, LeMahieu and the rest. Can’t go wrong with that. The Mets were eliminated from the playoffs and I would NEVER, I repeat, NEVER root for the Nationals. I have nothing against the team other than the fact that they were my Hometown Expos. The Expos were bullied out of the MLB to become the Nationals. As a proud Montrealer, I can’t get behind that.

The Astros have great pitching and they play Moneyball better than most. Jose Altuve showed that you don’t have to be 6’7 like Aaron Judge to show the word how bug your balls are. Walk off home run bottom of the 9th with two outs???? Watching that live was nuts. Moments like that are why I love the World Series. With a lineup that includes: Rondon, Verlander, Greinke, Cole, Urquidy just to name a few and with hitters like Springer (39 HR), Bregman (122 RBI) and Mr. Clutch Altuve, they should be able command this series.

Jose Altuve walk off Home Run vs the Yankees in the ALCS Game 6.

The Nationals lose their big star in the offseason only to shock everyone and squeak into the playoffs and win the NLCS. Ryan Zimmerman is your typical baseball guy, loyal as loyal can be. Drafted by the Nats and stuck with them. They won’t be easy to score on especially with their lineup: Scherzer (Cy Young winner), Rodney, Strasburg and many more. They should keep it simple and get on base and put pressure on the Astros. The Yankees were never able to command and put pressure in order to win the game. Rendon (126 RBI), Soto (34 HR), Turner and Cabrera, I doubt they’ll have too much trouble.

The Series opens up in Houston on Tuesday, October 22nd. Houston will continue momentum and win the first two. The Nationals will tie the series back home and take the lead 3-2 in Houston. I think the Astros deep bench and bullpen will pull through in the final two games to win in 7. \

Astros win in 7

MVP: Jose Altuve

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