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I hate the Cowboys so much, But I love them just as much.

The Cowboys blew it again. The Dallas faced off against the NY Jets today and they fucking blew it. Again, they were unable to score a TD in the first half. They crawled back vs the 0-4 Jets in the 4th quarter with a 2-pt conversion on the line to tie the game. They missed it and the Jets won 24-22 for their first win of the year. Cowboys fall to 3-3

Dak looked good this time, he completed 58% of his 3rd down attempts, didn’t turn the ball over and Zeke rished for over 100 again. They had this one in the books and blew it yet again. Three weeks in a row the Cowboys lose close finishes First against the Saints where the Saints won actually won an NFL game without scoring a touchdown. Last week the Packers walked all over the Cowboys until the Cowboys started climbing back in the 4th quarter. Brett Maher missed a Field Goal that would’ve cut the lead to seven points with over 4 minutes left and 2 timeouts.

This week was supposed to be the bounce back game for the boys from Dallas. They traveled to New York to face the Jets. I almost bought tickets to this game… Thank the football gods that I didn’t. The Jets D shut down the simple play calling of the Cowboys. Brett Maher was able to hit a 62 yard FG but missed a 52 yarder.

Sam Darnold, coming off of Mono, looked like Brett Favre out there. Time in the pocket, slinging the ball downfield. He made the Cowboys D look awful for 3 quarters, until Jourdain lewis intercepted in late in the third. Cowboys down 8 points with under two minutes to play, they managed to march into enemy territory inly to get kicked back by 3 holding calls. Dak still managed to run the ball in for a score but couldn’t capitalize.

The Cowboys fall to 3-3 and have a tough schedule ahead of them. Philly, Giants, Vikings, Lions and Pats are coming up. Two division games, two teams that are in the same position as them and the fucking Patriots. Kellen Moore has his hands full and I’m not sure that I can be very optimistic. But… I’ll try to be.

Dak can be a very goof QB in this league. Did I say goof? I meant good. He just needs to find his rythm much earlier. Maybe Jason Garrett is the problem. No clue. The need to fix it now or I’m jumping ship to the Bears.

Go Cowboys!

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