TV Shows that went on for way too long

I’ve recently noticed that some TV shows that I watch is only because of habit. I’m not interested in the storyline or anything else. This isn’t my fault. I balme the lack of creativity of the creators and writers. The best shows know when to stop. The Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones (a little rushed but ended at the right time), Breaking Bad. There isn’t a set number to how many seasons will make your show successful for it’s entire duration but please…figure it the fuck out.


I loved this show at first but the constant repetitive plots of the show became very boring. Harvey Specter can only win so many cases and how many times will the firm change it’s name. Mike’s story ran out when he actually became a lawyer. Rachel became a princess and Donna was the most unbelievable character on TV, the way she solved every problem always knew what was said when she wasn’t in the fucking room is ridiculous. Don’t get me started in Louis Litt. The show should’ve ended two season earlier. The last season was garbage with Catherine Heigl and the season before that was useless. I couldn’t even finish the lasts season.

The Walking Dead

TWD should’ve ended when they took over Negan. Kill everyone and drive off into the sunset. Maybe with a cure. But NO they decided to keep it going and created this weird time period where the audience knows Rick is alive but his friends and family think he’s dead. The shows repetition is exhausting. New group finds them, terrorizes them, they win and then repeat. I’m watching it now because I can’t give it up. But I think I know how it ends. Rick comes back with a cure and he saves his family while the rest are left to die.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve only seen a few episodes here and there but I can tell now that they’re just winging it now. So many deaths, so many people swapping partners I wonder they didn’t spread herpes. The show has no real storyline anymore so it’s basically become a soap opera.

Honorable Mentions

The Office – Post Michael Scott wasn’t great

Two and half Men – Post Charlie Sheen. Ashton Kutcher replaces the infamous Sheen. Could’ve done without the extra seasons. One season with Ashton to close off storylines and The End,

Big Bang Theory – The worst popular sitcome of all time.

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