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What’s next for the GOAT Khabib Namurgamedov

September 7th Khabib Namurgamedov unified his UFC Lightweight championship vs Dustin the Diamond Poirier. Khabib’s first fight since his infamous fight and subsequent post fight brawl vs Conor Mcgregor. Khabib was suspended for 9 months after jumping out of the cage to attack Conor’s coaching staff.

Khabib dominated yet again. On the ground of course, he took Dustin Poirier down at will for three rounds, before locking in a rear naked choke that looked like it was going to pop the head off the Louisiana native Poirier. I’ve always been a huge Poirier fan and in a loss, he gained more fans then before. He is the definition of class and professionalism. I think he will get another chance at a title but nnot while Khabib is still aorund. Khabib has lost one round in his 28 career fights (round 2 to Conor Mcgregor).

Khabib wrestling a beat at 5 years old.

What’s next for Khabib? This is the question that he has been asked 100 times and that every MMA fan is curious about. The same names keep on coming up but here is my list of his next three fights before he tries to retire 31-0 and the best fighter of all time.

Tony Ferguson

The one fighter that most people say can beat Khabib. Tony Ferguson is known for wearing sunglasses indoors, tripping on a wire and tearing his ligaments, being weird and being very cringeworthy in interviews. But, more importantly he is known for his dominance in the Octagon. They were supposed to fight 3 tmes before, but either Khabib couldn’t make weight #TiramisuGate or Tony was injured. Needless to say, this fight needs to happen. Dominick Cruz even said “On behalf of MMA fans everywhere, can we please get Tony Ferguson in there next?”

Not many people have the out put that Ferguson does. He comes at you with pressure and elite striking while being dangerous from his back on the ground. Oh and he was an All American wrestler that can stuff Khabib’s takedown attempts. Let’s say Khabib does take Tony down, the 10th Planet Black belt will have nasty elbows and crazy submission attempts to throw off the Dagestani.

Tony being Tony

George St-Pierre

GSP last fought in November 2017, when he defeated Michael Bisping for the Middleweight title. This is after a 3 year hiatus from fighting and relinquishing his Welterweight championship. GSP vs Khabib will be the most boring fight ever. They have the same style except GSP has the advantage on the feet. Khabib doesn’t shy away from exchanges because he doesn’t fear the takedown. If Khabib doesn’t fear the takedown vs GSP then it won’t end well for the Dagestani. GSP uses his striking to setup his wrestling while Khabib does the opposite. Needless to say, it’s an interesting fight but not one that we’ll be writing home about.

Looks like GSP wants the fight too

Conor Mcgregor

Normally, in situations where someone gets dominated like Conor did in the first fight, we wouldn’t want to see the second fight. But, because of all the controversy the hyper would be very hard to ignore. I don’t think people want to see the actual fight in the Octagon. The mental warfare and trash talk before the fight is what peaks our interests. Conor was submitted by Khabib the first time they fought but as I mentioned before, Conor is the only other person to take a round away from Khabib. I don’t think this fight will be going any different then last time.

Post strangulation brawl at UFC 229 between Team Conor and Team Khabib

I think Khabib will go down as the best fighter of all time, pound for pound. No disrespect to Jon Jones. Nobody has ever come close to defeating Khabib. #KhabibSMesh

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