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I’m only fat on Sunday

The NFL isnt just for watching football, it’s an excuse to sit down on your couch and ignore all responsibility. Healthy eating is usually the first responsibility that we neglect. I’ve neglected it since week 1 of the ’95 season. I’m a veteran! Here is my top NFL Sunday snacks and foods that are out of the ordinary.


Depending if you’re a salty or sweet type of person, dips and chips or some sort of chocolate snacks might not be enough. You need something cold for after your big meal, a hot beverage in the morning and another one to give you the bump to Sunday Night Football.


Very hard not to appreciate a nice cold Mr. Freezee after you’ve stuffed your face with hot salty foods all day. Your body is overheating from the carbs, fats and protein you get on a pizza or burgers. Mr. Freezee is perfect when you’re half way through the 4:00PM games. You don’t want to eat anything, but your body is so addicted to the sugars that you crave something. Get up grab a purple Mr. Freeze (yes PURPLE is the best. Purple, White and Pink in that order I don’t care what anyone says) and enjoy the cool down effect it has on your gastrointestinal tract.

Assortment of mini sweets and COFFEEEEEE

You can’t just have chocolate bars or just anything sweet. You need a good mix of sweets. Ex: Mini Snickers, Mini Mars bars and maybe a home made pie that you can tear into every hour. These are always good at the beginning of you Sunday experience. They’ll give you a boost and is great with your coffee. Yes I said coffee. Since I became a daily coffee drinker, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an all day Sunday veg without my Grande Americano or Grande Pike from Starbucks.

Some good ol’ fashioned tea

At the end of the afternoon games, you need to cleanse your insides. You’ve just inhaled chocolate, cheese and so many carbs that your colon is basically an oven with a bun in it (this is how I feel after being constipated for a week). You need some relief and some lubrication down there to help you pass all that garbage you’ve eaten. I suggest a green tea,double bagged. It’s enough caffeine to last the rest of the day without falling into a food coma. Tea goes down smooth and helps you survive the Sunday Nighter.

There it is, with these tips you’ll be fine. Also try to take a snooze for about 20 minutes as soon as the 4:00PM games start. It helps you last all day.

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