Will Power gives his takes on the upcoming NFL season! Stay tuned for more NFL content as the weeks go by #hotsaucesports

The NFL regular season still does not kickoff until over two months, but you know it’s never too early to start talking some football!!!! I was talking with one of my friends today and didn’t even realize how many free agent signings and trades that happened this offseason. We all know about the big ones like Brown going to the Raiders, OBJ going to the Browns, and Bell going to the Jets, but let’s not forget some of the ones that seem to be going under the radar. Golden Tate, DeSean Jackson, Nick Foles, Kareem Hunt, Joe Flacco, and Earl Thomas are just a few guys I see making an immediate impact on their new team. People are talking about the Browns offense and the potential it has but don’t seem to be mentioning Kareem Hunt. OBJ was definitely the more flashy signing but don’t overlook Hunt. Am I the only one pumped to see DeSean Jackson back in an Eagles uniform? I get the feeling that he is going to have a monster year and that he and Wentz will have a lethal connection. All this to say, I think this year is going to be more interesting than most considering we are going to see all these new faces in new places. Quick shoutout to my Dolphins for finally moving on from Tannehill and getting Josh Rosen for basically peanuts. It better work out because I’m not in the mood to wait another four years for my boys to find their first franchise QB since Dan The Man!

            I’m going to jump right into it and give you guys some of my predictions. Here are my eight division winners for the 2019 season: Patriots, Ravens, Colts, Chiefs, Eagles, Bears, Saints, and Rams. These division winners would be very similar to the ones from last year with the exception of the Eagles and Colts. I see the Eagles having a good year, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Colts are a better team than the Texans especially after adding the underrated receiver in Devin Funchess.

            Week 1 brings us a great slate of games, but the game I’m probably most excited for (besides seeing my Dolphins crush the Ravens) is the Chiefs at Jaguars. A lot of big questions heading into this game. Will Mahomes be able to live up to his now extremely high expectations after an MVP season? Is Nick Foles finally the franchise QB the Jaguars have been so desperately looking for? I may be the only person in North America or maybe even the world that finds Patrick Mahomes a bit overrated. Before you lose your mind just hear me out. There is no doubt he is an incredible quarterback and any team would be lucky to have him, BUT I am not sure he is as good as everyone thinks he is. In the AFC championships game he did throw for three touchdowns, but in the first half of that game the Chiefs did not score a single point. Mahomes also only completed 16 of his 31 pass attempts, which is just over 50%, in his most important game of the year. Yes, Mahomes has the potential to be a Hall of Famer, but I think we need push the breaks and see how he performs in his next few seasons.

            Now, time for the good stuff. I’m going to give you my Super Bowl 54 prediction! Gimme the Rams and the Colts to meet in the Super Bowl. I predict the Rams will bounce back from a tough Super Bowl loss this year and bring home the Lombardi trophy. They have one of the league’s best offenses, if not the best, and a great defense. I thought they were the best team this passed year and just fell short, but now it’s time for them to put up or shut up! I think not having Cooper Kupp hurt them quite a bit last year and the Rams hope for him to be ready come week 1.

            No matter what happens this upcoming season, whether the Dolphins win more than four games or not, one thing is certain; all of us, myself included, are in for a treat this upcoming season!     

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