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CTE IS VERY REAL! just ask BJ Penn

This week we saw a legend and a pioneer of MMA get into another bar fight with a civilian. Two videos surfaced, the first where BJ Penn is sitting on top of a man punching him repeatedly. The second video shows BJ telling his opponent to punch him, his opponent obliges and BJ ends up getting KOd.

UFC President Dana WHite, feels that BJ should retire. BJ is set to fight Nick Lentz for his last fight on his UFC contract. Safe to say, i don’t think BJ will be getting a contract elsewhere. If anyone gives him a fight, they should be embarassed. BJ is 0-7-1 in his last 8 fights, bringing his record to 16-14-2. Sad story for such a legend. His status will be tarnished. BJ is one of the reasons why I started to watch MMA and why I started Brazilian Jiujitsu.

BJ was known as “The Prodigy” and rightfully so. He was Brazilian Jiujitsu world champion at 18 and the first non-brazilian world champ. He received his blackbelt under Raph Gracie at 18 years old. BJ then became a two division champ in the UFC with epic fights vs Jens Pulver, Frankie Edgar, Sean Sherk and Diego Sanchez.

A lot of fighters don’t know when to stop, they just need the right people in their corner to guide the. Brendan Schaub being the best example. After his devastating loss to Travis Browne, Scaub went on the Joe Rogan Exeprience. Joe Rogan went on to advise Brendan to stop fighting and that he has a lot more to accomplish outside the octagon. A lot of fighters don’t have a backup plan.

BJ is now owner of BJPenn.com, a news website that has millions of followers. I hope BJ can get on the right track. If you’re new to MMA and don’t know the LEGEND that BJ Penn is, please watch this.

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