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Fantasy Etiquette: What NOT to do

It’s fantasy football season! Which means it’s for millions of Armchair QBs will think they know what it takes to win their league. Some leagues cost money, some are free (losers). No offense but playing for free is useless. Which makes me think if I would watch the NFL as often as I do if there wasn’t Fantasy Football… Probably not.

I love Fantasy Football for a few reasons; like talking shit to my friends, feeling a sense of pride in a 17 yard catch by my WR3 or just giving me a reason watching football. I HATE Fantasy Football for these reason


The “i forgot to set my lineup” guy

It might happen to miss 1-2 deadlines to your lineup. We all have busy lives but setting your lineup takes 5 minutes. When it happens 6-10 times a season, then we have a problem. Don’t message the commissioner to make an exception. If i have to go the bathroom while in church (I don’t go to church) to fix my lineup then you can you put your baby bottle down to do yours.

THE “In my other league” Guy

I’ve actually been guilty of this, but only when it was done to me did i realize how annoying it is. Most people that are in a Fantasy league are in another fantasy league. So, these people, including myself, should know that others don’t give a fuck about your other team. If you own Julio Jones in your other league, don’t explain to me how you drafted him or traded for him. And if we’re watching together don’t bust out a celly for a 1.8 point gain.

THE “you stole my player” guy

FYI you don’t own these players, so if a player is available and I pick him, then suck my ass and don’t complain. Just pick the next guy up on your shitty Draft Kit that you spent 29.99$ on.

the “draft is too late, i work the next day” guy

Everyone works, literally everyone. SO if a draft that takes less then two hours starts at 10:00PM, don’t complain. Choose the first 10 rounds and Autopick the rest. We all know you would’ve stayed up to watch reruns of Seinfeld,

Reveal all information on a trade

I’ve been caught on trades where I didn’t do my due diligence and didn’t know that the player I’m receiving is banged up and will miss 2-3 weeks. My fault for not looking. BUT, if you are trading with someone it’s on you to inform the person you’re trading with of any injuries. Just some basic ethics,

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