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The worst Guilty pleasure of all time… Ballers. My apologies to The Rock and Denzel Washington

Nobody likes a binge worthy TV show more than this guy. Entourage, How to make it in America, The Office, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and yes of course Ballers. If you don’t know the show Ballers, it’s premise is a retired NFL Player named Spencer Strathmore, played by The Rock, who looks to establish himself post football career. Some other stars on the show like: Denzel Washington’s son, Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine and Russell Brand

Season 1-3

Spencer Strathmore works for a Financial Management agency. He’s basically used for his contacts when he strikes a bond with his partner, Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine. They sign athletes to handle their finances, all while Strathmore is broke and borrowed money from those same players. Weird right?!?!? It gets worse… Spencer is shown everyday in expensive suits and nice cars. Not very realistic but it’s a show and I’m intrigued. Spencer builds relationships with current NFLers and Amateur actors like Terrell Suggs (known as SIzzle on the show). He’s just one of many cameos. Eddie George, Jay Glazer make recurring appearances as well.

Spencer grows his agency within a season and gets himself our of debt. He then becomes a vested investor in an NFL Franchise in Las Vegas. Season 3 he partners up to move the Raiders to Vegas. Season 4 begins and no mention of the deal.

Season 4-5

Spencer and Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine, purchase a X Games type of company owned by Russell Brand. All of a sudden, He’s managing surfers and skateboarders. Season ends with Spencer suing the NFL for not owning up to concussions, a few years too late. Season 5 starts with Spencer being offered to buy the Chiefs by the guy that played Shooter Mcgavin (who in the show owns the Cowboys). Denzel Washington’s son is a veteran receiver that is looking for an opportunity to continue his career so he signs with the Rams.

Oh I didn’t mention that the fat guy from 8-Mile became the General Manager of the LA Rams after one season as the Assistant GM of the Dolphins. Very realistic!

All this to say that I haven’t missed an episode and I do not plan on it. Almost like watching car accidents online, you just can’t look away. In classic HBO fashion, the show will end on a happy ending and cliffhanger that will leave us wondering…

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