Luck Runs Out; Incompetent Colts Remain Fortunate.

Andrew Luck has always been a different kind of dude.  On a personal level, he was the first quarterbacks that got me interested in college football.  From the first time I saw this incredible specimen suit up in his Stanford uniform, he reminded me of John Elway.  The sheer size, speed, arm strength and atleticism are all part of what allowed for me to make the comparison between him and the legendary hall of fame quarterback.  More than that, Andrew Luck just always had a tremendous set of balls.  There was never a shot downfield that #12 didn’t want to take.

Then with great dismay, I learned yesterday that the next beard sporting, goofy-voiced cannon would be retiring prior to the 2019 season.  In my fantasy article late last week I told drafters to be weary of drafting the quarterback who would otherwise be an absolute stud.  My worry was with the organization.  The Colts are simply incompetent.  The fact that they are in the same league as some other far more professional organizations is truly a case for relegation.  The franchise that could only win a single Super Bowl with the bulk of Peyton Manning’s career (the Broncos did it in a season with Manning flying apart) lucked into getting Andrew Luck to start his career.  Peyton Manning was set to start the 2011 season before being diagnosed with a mysterious injury that would eventually lead to him missing an entire season (shortly after the medical staff predicted he would miss a week or two).

Andrew Luck has since had such injuries such as a lacerated kidney and a torn labrum.  The torn labrum was only operated on 15 months after the initial injury.  More recently Andrew Luck was diagnosed with a calf injury, which Jim Irsay then announced was actually a small bone issue (I didn’t know there were bones in the calf), before the team finally came out and announced it was a high ankle injury.  HOW DOES AN INJURY KEEP CHANGING LOCATION??!?!??!!? Naturally, considering that he has been in pain for what is now 4 years, Andrew Luck has called it quits at the age of 29.

Andrew Luck studied neuroscience at Stanford and is the son of ex NFL Quarterback Oliver Luck.  While he may have ruined some fantasy drafts, he is hardly concerned with how it will affect anyone’s fantasy roster.  Most famously, OJ Simpson posted on twitter about how drafting luck butchered his draft (an odd complaint considering the butchering he was famously indicted for…a killer tweet nonetheless).  The dude likely has options.  If he were to play another half decade, who knows if he would physically be able to do anything with the remainder of his days.  He has wealth (earned and generational) and he is a smart dude who can do a multitude of things for the remainder of his days.

I am happy for Andrew Luck.  I’m happy that he’s getting to go out on his own terms.  What makes me less happy is that the Colts will once again get rewarded for operating their health and recovery program like a chop-shop known for selling off-market parts.  We are heading into the 2020 NCAA quarterback draft that includes Tua Tagoviola, Jake Fromm, Justin Herbert, and Jacob Eason.  Jim Irsay and his lack of commitment to the health and safety of his players will once again be rewarded with a top tier QB prospect at the end of this season.  Perhaps this time around the team that won a single Super Bowl despite two decades of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck has finally learned that they can no longer waste the careers of incredible talent.  

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