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I scratch your back; You get paid off my back.

Growing up playing sports, I was always told… “Go Hard” or “Don’t be a pussy” or “You’re too slow!!!” Ok that last one has nothing to do with what I’m writing about but it hurt my feelings. This is the culture young boys grow up in. Put everything on the line for an opportunity to get a good education, and potentially go pro to support your family and communities. I don’t know if Andrew Luck thought about the fans, that eventually booed him, when he decided to retire.

Andrew Luck’s injuries, just to name a few.

Andrew Luck doesn’t owe the Colts fan base anything. He fought long and hard (no pun intended) for the Colts and I’m sure Jim Irsay is upset for losing his franchise QB but I’m also sure he’s happy for the 1st overall pick.
Athletes are becoming a lot smarter about what they’re risking and for who. Leveon Bell is a great example. He refused to take less money and forced the Steelers hand. Now he is the second highest paid RB in the league behind Todd Gurley.

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The last few years, we’ve seen countless former players from the NHL and NFL commit suicide due to CTE caused by constant blows to the head. So Andrew Luck did not deserve to be booed by his fans while leaving Saturda’s preseason game. Luck deserved a standing ovation, Luck deserved more. Zeke Elliott is in a similar situation as Leveon Bell was and he’s getting destroyed online for holding out. The same things that the people said about Bell and Antonio Brown.

It’s unfortunate because all their lives they put their bodies on the line, paid the price, had surgeries, physio sessions and early morning training sessions to live their dream and provide a comfortable life for their families. And now they’re being vilified when their bodies can’t do it anymore.

At least Luck avoided enough brain damage to not be Kellen Winslow Jr. It’s ugly.

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