College Football Preview

I can’t believe it either folks!! As I am writing this we are only two days away from the start of another college football season! I cannot remember the last time the season kicked off so early, but all that means is a longer season! The opening game will be between Miami U and the number eight ranked Florida Gators. I hope I am not the only one surprised to see the Gators ranked so high…. In any case, I think it will be a great game with the Florida Gators coming out on top. Speaking about rankings, here is the list of this year’s top 10 in order: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State, LSU, Michigan, Florida, Notre Dame, and Texas. Weird to see three teams each with three losses last year ranked ahead of Notre Dame who went undefeated up until the college football playoff…. Yes, I am a Notre Dame fan. No, I am not biased.

            Last year saw Clemson and Alabama meeting in the championship game for the third time in the last four years with Clemson coming out on top in a completely one-sided game. Trevor Lawrence lead the way for the Tigers as he took over as the starting quarterback midway through the season and never looked back.

            This year we will see a lot of new faces in new places, and mainly at the quarterback position, with Jalen Hurts probably being the most notable quarterback to transfer schools. After leading his Alabama Crimson Tide to two championship appearances, he will now be the starting quarterback for the Sooners, taking over for number overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, Kyler Murray. I was never much of a Jalen Hurts fan. I felt he was a fairly good QB but it was Alabama’s defense and fine wide receivers that were the main reasons for his success at Alabama. For that reason I do not see the Sooners making to the college football playoff this year. Those of you who follow college football know how poor the Sooners defense is. Justin Fields will no longer be the backup QB for the Bulldogs, but will now be the starting QB at Ohio State. Excited to see how these two players will perform on their new teams as both Ohio Sate and Oklahoma have high expectations every year!

            Has Clemson become the newest dynasty in college football? Have they become the new Alabama? I think it is a bit early to answer these questions now, but another National Championship this year and I think we have our newest dynasty. They have the team to do it, and have most of their main pieces from last year returning to play for them this year. I think it is pretty cool to see Texas as a top 10 team coming into the season. They ended off their season with an impressive win over Georgia in last year’s Sugar Bowl. They are the my most interesting storyline going into the season. I do not think they are deep enough make the playoff this year but I believe they will have at least a nine or ten win season.

            Quickly before I get into my prediction I will give you my Heisman winner for this year. I think Trevor Lawrence, QB for Clemson, will win this year’s Heisman trophy which would be pretty remarkable when you think of it, considering he was Clemson’s backup QB to start last season.

            Time for my playoff prediction!!!! I think the college football playoff will look like this going into January: 1.Clemson vs 4.Notre Dame and 2. Alabama vs 3.Georgia. Gimme the Tigers over my Fighting Irish and Georgia with the upset over Alabama. I had a hard time predicting this championship matchup between the Tigers and Bulldogs. My brain said Clemson but my heart said Georgia, so I’m gonna go with my gut here and pick the Bulldogs over the Tigers with Georgia finally getting over the hump. I just get the feeling that this is Georgia’s year. Not a lot of people seem to be talking about Jake Fromm this year, QB of the Bulldogs, but I believe he is one of the best QBs in the country and should be mentioned as a candidate to win the Heisman this year.

            That’s all from me folks!! And oh, before you ask, no, Peeze did not put me up to this by me picking The Bulldogs to win it all, as that’s his team. I guess we have to agree on something, right???? Enjoy the season everyone and enjoy your Saturdays!!! COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!!!!          

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