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Destroying the boxing world

Last weekend we saw the most underrated fighter since Buster Douglas defeat Anthony Joshua and shock the world. Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. defeated, now 40-1, Anthony Joshua by way of Knockout in the 7th round. Ruiz becomes the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO champion wit his 33rd win in 24 fights.

Stephen A calling Ruiz’ win a disgrace to boxing.

Ruiz is a well respected boxer. I won’t sit here and tell you that I was remotely aware of how good he was. All he was, was a name of a fighter that I had heard of. So, I’ll give Stephen A a pass in not knowing him. Ruiz is good… Plain and Simple. He proved it last Saturday when he KO’d one of the best boxers in the world. As a true boxing fan I will never hate on the guy. Is it an upset? Sure. Is it comparable to Buster Douglas beating Tyson? Hello NO!!! |Ruiz has one loss on his record, to Joe Parker and that was by decision. Just because he isn’t ripped to shreds, doesn’t take away his skill. The Public should understand this. The media calling him Butterbean is the disgrace, not Ruiz winning his 33rd fight and becoming a champion.

Ruiz took the fight vs Joshua because Big Baby Miller tested positive for steroids. Anthony Joshua took the fight when refusing to fight Fury and Wilder last year. This was AJ’s first fight outside the UK and a highly anticipated one at that. Smart move for him to reach for atune up fight, seeing as how he was laughing and smiling after the fight was over. Ruiz and Joshua agreed to an automatic rematch if Ruiz gets the victory.

The Heavyweight division keeps on getting more interesting. Wilder KOs Brazeale, Fury is waiting for Wilder, Wilder set to fight Ortiz and Joshua Ruiz rematch all in the next twelve months. Ruiz has become an internet sensation and with his $7 Million payout he should enjoy every minute and not listen to the media.

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