Postmortem of my last article and NBA Finals thoughts

All that shit I said about Toronto fans in my last article has been blown way out of proportion. The main reason is because I don’t hate the Raptors, I hate the fair weather, bandwagon fans that act like they’re die hard. The perfect example is our boy Drizzy. I’ll be the first to say that I like the guy for the most part. He’s funny and an amazing Rapper and singer. I love his music. But!! He needs to calm down. Standing up during the play and yelling at the Bucks bench as if he did anything to win that ship.

In 2013, Drake was begging tyhe Miami Heat to get into their locker room after they won their second consecutive NBA Championship. He was rejected. Drake shows up to awards shows rocking Warriors jerseys. He represents the fans I loath. The same ones that, as soon as the clock expired this past Saturday and it was official that Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors bought their ticket to the 2019 NBA Finals, were tweeting and texting me laughing at me. I will say this. I will be rooting for the Toronto Raptors, the main reason is because I hate seeing the same teams win over and over. Although I respect the shit out of what the Warriors have built, they are very unlikable. Warriors are constantly complaining about the refs but made jokes when Houston did the same. Curry is one of the best players I’ve ever seen, Green is a dirty player, Durant is good but I lost respect for him when he had his burner Twitter accounts.

Drake denied access to Heat Locker Room in 2013

Also, I’ve always considered Kawhi to be the best all around player in the league. I know he has the moment Zaza stepped under Kawhi’s three in the 2016 playoffs. Kawhi rolled his ankle and was done for the rest of the series. The Warriors won every game in that series vs the Spurs after. Kawhi has a lot to prove this series, for his legacy, for his payday, for himself and especially for the city of Toronto. 10k people showed up to parade and flood the streets to show their support.

So to the people from Toronto that say “hey I’m a season ticket holder and I’m offended bla bla bla”, my message isn’t for you. It’s for the Drakes and the guys that say they have two teams.

My prediction: Warriors in 6 which means that the Warriors will celebrate in front of Drake and in the city of Toronto.

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