Preview: Stanley Cup Final

Ah, finally, we’ve made it and it’s exactly like everyone predicted on January 1st.

The Saint-Louis Blues take on the Boston Bruins for Lord Stanley’s Cup starting Monday May 27th (because surely the Bruins needed more rest).

As wild as the first round was this year, it would be fair to say that the #2 team in East and the #5 West (3rd and 12th in the league) doesn’t make for any real underdog stories.

That’s okay though because we’ve got a good story nonetheless: The Ryan O’Reilly trade was really bad for Buffalo!

Brutal return for a first line centre.

Okay obviously that’s not the story. The real story is that on January 3rd, 2019 this Blues team was in dead last in the NHL.

They found a goalie, a coach (who by the way still has not been confirmed as the official head coach), and suddenly everyone started scoring.

They were the second best team in the NHL after Christmas, and they pushed their way through three tough teams to get to the final.

They came back several times against the Jets. None better than Game 5…

They got pushed to the edge in Dallas, and were a half inch away from losing game 7, before squeaking away a win.

Then the Sharks ran out of gas. Not that the Blues didn’t deserve to win, but half that Sharks roster was living on morphine and ice packs. Their bench was as full as the Blues’ trophy case.

The Bruins were good all year, rarely leaving the top 2 remaining Atlantic spots (behind the regular season Lightning, not to be mistaken with the Playoff Lightning, they were bad).

Their first round against the Leafs showed us they were not as strong as we thought. Winning in seven games, but not nearly as destructively as the previous million times they faced the Leafs at TD Garden in game 7.

Then they stopped on the Blue Jackets, and we realized we were wrong about the Bruins not being as good. No they really crushed the Jackets.

No one can confirm if the Hurricanes were actually present in the Eastern Conference Final, so I can’t really tell you how that series went. Rod the Bod and his band of Merry Jerks got lost on the way to Boston, never to be found.

Now we get to watch two monster teams face each other in the ultimate battle of determination.

Do not get lost in the headlines of big, heavy teams, these are teams with undeniable skill and smarts. They will put on quite the show.

A few things to look for:

  1. Patrice Bergeron vs Ryan O’Reilly. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. Two of the best defensive forwards face off this round, and we’ll see if they manage to piss each other off. Both are known for their calm and clean style of play. I wonder if they cause chaos now that they are stuck to each other.
  2. Will Brad Marchand ever get his skate sharpened?
  3. Does Pastrnak continue to steal our hearts with his kindness and beautifulness?
  4. Will Tuuka Rask win the Conn Smythe, and still be told he’s a bad goalie by drunk Bruins fans? (this is definitely happening)
  5. Will we see the Blues finally win something, bring it home, and not party, because what is there really to do in St Louis?
  6. Will Zdeno Chara top his last victory bar tab?
Someone sneak into this party, drinks are on the big man.

Also if the Bruins win I say we riot like its 2011 in Vancouver. Flip cop cars, everything.

All the other 30 cities. All together. United in our hatred of the Bruins.

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