Are they worth it? Baseball’s Multi-Million Men

Hello, it’s your boy Stefano Berardi and if that names doesn’t ring a bell then shame on you. Truthfully I am a forgiving person so I will let you off the hook although here’s a fun fact; in 2016 I started at FlagPlus Football as a nobody and in 2017 I won FPF Employee of the year as a nobody. Yes that is my greatest accomplishment #WeMadeIt.

Enough about me, I’m here to talk about how I chose the wrong career. A lot of you may or may not know I am a Real Estate Agent #SalesPitch. But there was a time in my life that I played baseball as an always exciting first baseman. If I had known the possibilities of earning some serious money I would have probably continued and made the majors.

Outside making the Majors in MLB: The Show. There are some very lucrative contracts that I am going to touch upon more specifically the contracts of Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Mike Trout. Unless you don’t follow sports or live under a rock… brightside it’s rent free. These three men each got new contracts of 10+ Years and over $300 Million.

This has been their season since signing their long term deals good for retirement and remaining irrelevant.

Manny Machado

Manny Machado signed a 10 year deal worth $300 Million Dollars on February 21 2019

In all seriousness I would have a stupid smirk on my face too if I was getting paid $30 Million dollars a season. Sure there is 162 games but how much work is it to play third base for that many games. To be honest there isn’t much physical labour at third base. The average is 3 at bat’s per game the most tiresome part of the job is standing through 9 half innings just hoping the ball comes to you every now and then. Now I can see how physically exhausting that would be on any human being but its less exhausting knowing you can come home and lay in a mattress stuffed with Benjamin’s ($100 bills) #Woke

The main question is… is Manny Machado worth $30 Million a season? So far throughout the first month he is definitely not worth that much money. He has .236 batting average which for my mathematicians means that he hits a ball 24% rounded up of the time. That has him ranked 130 in the league, didn’t even crack top 100. He also has 4 home runs which has him tied at 104 in the league. And lastly RBIs which for those that know is usually what he’s good for and he has 12 and that makes him tied at 127 in the league.

With a run down of his stats is he worth the money? Is it normal to have a $300 Million price tag and not crack 1 top 100 spot in the MLB. He’s becoming irrelevant because the San Diego Padres besides being in a beautiful warm city are in 3rd place in the National League West but all baseball fans will tell you that towards the midway point of the season they will fall through and the Dodgers will own that division for years to come as they keep throwing money to players like a stripper.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper signed a 13 year deal worth $330 Million Dollars on February 28 2019

I’ve smiled maybe 3 times in my life on purpose but hell if I got a deal mid afternoon on a February non leap year I’d show off my Million Dollar Smile. That is of course once I get some dental work done as I do not go to the dentist that often which is weird because I have a dentist up the street from my house but then again I am all about the #LazyLife

That being said Bryce Harper not only decided to sign that high of a deal but he chose to do so for a division rival in the Philadelphia Phillies who he despised playing against as a member of the Washington Nationals. Philadelphia in my opinion is the second best city in the state of Pennsylvania #SteelerNation but they are indeed a very tough crowd to please. Not only did he sign there but he also decided to represent the iconic number 3 previously worn by Allen Iverson who was definitely the only shred of hope for all Philadelphia sports fans until of course the unfortunate incident of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl in 2018.

How has Bryce Harper been ever since joining the Phillies well here is the answer that I was obviously going to give you because I’m not a monster that uses rhetorical questions, He’s having a better season than Manny Machado but it’s not by much and it’s still very disappointing if you ask any Phillies fans.His .240 batting average is good enough for a tie at the 115 rank. His 6 home runs are good enough to land him a top 40 spot in overall ranks at 38. Lastly, his 20 RBIs are good for a top 25 spot at 23. If you ask me which you can’t because this is a writing and not a Q & A he’s having a decent season but that’s about it. He’s getting on average $5 Million less per season than Machado and keeping the Phillies top in a very mediocre division.

Essentially all the Phillies really did in this signing was take the hope of a division rival and make them weaker. It’s working out so far because they are on top of the National League East but Phillies fans were expecting Bryce Harper to go above and beyond his capabilities and carry the team on his back. If sports thought me one thing its that one player will not guarantee you success. They can help make the process of victory easier but they can’t do it alone.

Mike Trout

Mike Trout signed a 12 year extension worth $426.5 Million Dollars on March 19 2019

Ever ask yourself what would make you want to stay in Anaheim, California for 12 more years? Besides the warm weather year round maybe if they bleed their bank account in the amount of $426.5 Million Dollars that would encourage you to stay. They say money can’t buy you happiness but to be honest if I was a multi-millionaire I’d be living my best life and I wouldn’t be a total dickhead thinking that I’m better than everyone else because that’s what’ll make money lead to sadness.

Most baseball fans know that Mike Trout is probably the best player in the MLB but he’s going to have the unfortunate statline of never winning a world series. You may ask why won’t he win a world series? Like I said previously I’m not a monster who asks rhetorical questions so here we go. Mike Trout will never win a world series because the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim by the way having two cities in one name definitely makes you a disgrace but they have nobody else on their roster worth mentioning. They had good years but they never have and never will make an impact in the post season.

Congratulations Mike Trout you’re the richest man in the MLB but you’re irrelevant it’s unfortunate because he is the greatest player in the MLB but unless he finds his way out of Anaheim not Los Angeles once again stupid name they’ll always miss the post season. I’m not knocking him as an individual player his .294 average has him ranked 40th in the league but chances are people are going to decrease and he will increase. Right Now Cody Bellinger is on another planet but he will soon find himself free falling to earth. Trout’s 6 home runs has him tied 38th in the MLB and his 16 RBIs has him tied 71st in the league.

As I stated his totals will only go up barring an injury and he’s gonna find himself in MVP talks but then again he may be considered the MVP on a team that is simply scrap. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim once again awful team name, whose the is Los Angeles the wife and Anaheim the mistress? I belive Anaheim is the wife and Los Angeles is the mistress considering they play in Anaheim but listen, stop hoeing be faithful to a city. They locked up their franchise player until what will likely be his retirement considering this contract ends when Mike turns 39. They will never win a World Series because too much of their money is tied up to one player,

In Conclusion,

So what does San Diego Padres General Manager A.J Preller, Philadelphia Phillies General Manager Matt Klentak, and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim General Manager Billy Eppler have in common? Besides the fact that they are all white Americans they also clearly have small penises but big bank accounts.

The unfortunate truth is that none of these players will be relevant. Sure they will love the money they have unless they develop serious Gambling issues like Pete Rose who would be a hall of famer if he wasn’t such an imbecile betting on his own baseball games. They all have similar lives they’re all multi-millionaires with anywhere between pretty to smoke show when it comes to the wives / girlfriend.

Sure they’re winning off the field but as a true sports fan the only thing that really matters is what they do on the field and although they’ve had successful seasons none of them were every able to win the World Series and they never will because they rather get paid then win the championship.

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