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Face it: The first round of NBA Playoffs is completely useless

Ok Ok Ok! Maybe it’s not totally useless. We’ve seen some great series like Utah vs Houston and Denver vs San Antonio. As good as these individual games were, the series is more or less predictable. The Clippers stole two games and are fighting to upset the preseason favourite Golden State Warriors.

Unlike the NHL Playoffs, the NBA is a lot more top heavy. The NHL saw the top 4 teams got eliminated in the first round but yet the NBA continuously outnumber the NHL in viewers. The NBA is better than ever , but you can essentially pick the winners blindly. Not one upset yet and I don’t think that we will see one. The Warriors are in LA for Game 6 vs the Clippers and I can’t see Curry & Co. dropping two games in row.

The Pistons and Pacers were swept. Jazz, Thunder, Nets and Magic all finished with one win in the playoffs.

Although we saw some boring basketball, there was a lot of bright spots in the future of the NBA. Utah showcased some dominant basketball and nobody can say and word about Donovan Mitchell and what hes done. Dame Lillard shocks the world with a buzzer beater 37 foot shot, uncontested by Paul George, to eliminate Oklahoma City Thunder. The Greek Freak showcases his skills sweeping the Pistons. The future of the NBA looks bright. I’m very curious to see what will happen doing forward. Will teams follow the super team model or will big names like Durant, Thomson and Davis go to teams that have young stars and build something instead of trying to buy a championship.

Kyle Korver talks about the effect that a yound Donovan Mitchell has on the team.

My recommendation is similar to what the NHL does. Instead of two brackets, you make 4 brackets.

1 winner in each bracket

The rest of the teams are Battling for the final 6 with 2 wildcards at the end. The two wildcards will play the 1st and 2nd seed regardless of which regular season subdivision they are apart of.

What we saw in the NHL is 8th seed Blue Jackets swept 1st seed Lightining in the first round and the 7th see Hurricanes went to OT in Game 7 vs 2nd seed and defending Stanley Cup champions the Washington Capitals. After the 1st round, you play the winner of the other matchup in your 4 team bracket.

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