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Terry’s Passions: Cigars, Whiskey and Cannabis

Soooooooooooo it’s Saturday night, April 20th is the date. A very important date in Canada. The government was found a way to profit off this day. 4/20 is usually the best time of the year for small time weed dealers. It is National Weed Day!!! A day where its ok to get baked and sit on your ass all day and watch reruns of the The Office.

Not only is it 4/20 but we have a jampacked night of sports. How can I not enjoy a nice smooth glass of Suntory Whiskey and an Arturo Fuenet? So this prompted me to list out my five favourite cigars, whiskey and types of weed. Enjoy!Whiskey

So this one is tough because different locations have specific tastes. Although i do enjoy a nice Scotch, it’s not my go to.

5. Suntory Japanese Whisky

This one was introduced to me earlier this year. I loves the smoothness of it and in fact… i’m enjoying it now as i write this.

4. George Dickel Barrel Select

I love Nashville for few reasons. The bars open early and go all day with live music, you cant get lost on the strip, Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish and the whiskey. Most fammous is Jack Daniel’s but doesnt compare to Dickel. Very easy no need for ice to chill.

3. Lagavulin 16yr Single Malt

This one is good on special occasions and when you want to feel like someone who looks like Tom Selleck, sounds like Sam Elliott and has the grit of Negan from the walking dead. Very tough drink but has a woody taste that will keep you drinking.

2. Knob Creek Kentucky straight Bourbon

I first had this at bar i visited with some friends. I asked the waiter which one he preferred and he introduced me to this beautiful drink. Gets you loose real quick and doesn’t leave you too woozy if you’ve had too many. But what is too many???

1. Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch

I love weird bottles and weird names. So safe to say when I saw Monkey Shoulder on the shelf i bought it. Very rich drink that you’ll love to go back to. Leaves a good taste even after you’re done. It’s number 1 because of the name but would still crack a top 5.C

I’ve always appreciated cigars the same way I do Whiskey. Long process, very meticulous, unique to specific regions. I love what it represents, hard work and finesse.

5. La Aurora Diamond. Black case

Short stogie with a hard pull but has a nice cloud and good taste. This is nice if you have 20-30 minutes and you want to enjoy a quick cigar.

4. Joya de Nicaragua Antano

The only cigar i’ve ever smoked that burned all the way to the end withough ashing. A nice white ash, it always evenly pulls. Inexpensive as well. I buy these at 13$ a stick.

3. Rome y Julieta Wide Churchill

I like it when they’re wide, smooth and have a big smokey cloud. This one doesn’t disappoint. Very nice and easy to smoke for a casual smoker like me.

2. Partagas #4

This one is good… very good. Nothing bad to say. It’s long and smooth (that’s what she said). Has a light buzz and burns well.

1.Trinidad Vigia

First time i bough cigars outside of cuba, i went to a cigar shop here in Montreal and I described the type of cigar i liked. The owner of the store, siggested this as his favourite. Trinidads are the best and clearly because of the price. Always enjoy a tremendous stick (Bill Burr voice)Cannabis

I’v gotten into different kinds of strands in the last couple years but i like to read up on them before I buy. Without getting too much into detail I like all weed but the ones that ive had the best memory and best buzz are:

5. Girl Scout Cookies

Light and lasts long. I can focus well while buzzed.

4. Blue Dream

I enjoyed this while playing Fortnite. It brought the colours to life.

3. Blueberry Headband

I’ve only tried a sample of this but it was unbelievable. I worked out, worked and had lunch witha constant buzz and no munchies.

2. Green Crack

This one KOs me. But helped me complete a lot of missions on Red Dead Redemption 2. Very good late night and you’ll get a good night sleep.

1.White Cookies

Best. Best. Best. It’s been a really long time but i remember smoking this and feeling like i was superman. I could do anything.

Hope you enjoyed my lists. I’ll have more as we go along

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