Antonio Brown is Going Full Diva, and it’s Amazing

With WrestleMania in our rearview, one heel turn has still captivated a now fully starved community of Football Fans (you had ONE JOB AAF).  Antonio Brown and his trade-demand turned pseudo free agency monopolized the headlines shortly after the Super Bowl and now, “Mr. Big Chest” has started a feud with former teammate JuJu Smith Shuster.  I have to say, walking over to the most likeable kid in the yard and pissing in his milk is, if nothing else a pretty interesting move.

I get it; I know this isn’t the popular opinion.  People tend to dislike when stars force their way out of town, are opinionated and generally insist that they are heard.  To the average fan, Antonio Brown has accrued all three strikes.  Now, whilst seemingly bored while scrolling through his time line, Brown deiced to use his thumbs to antagonize his former teammate. 

On the surface, I understand why most people jumped to defend JuJu Smith-Schuster.  He’s young, he’s an emerging star and even his French bulldog’s got a blue checkmark (Boujee is kind of cute to be fair).  However, it’s clear that the Steelers locker room was not as cohesive as one would expect from one of the NFL’s most accomplished franchises.  Arguably the team’s two most impactful offensive weapons forced their way out of town as Le’veon Bell joined AB as the team’s two most prominent exiles.  They did not feel valued by the organization or head coach Mike Tomlin.

Justin Reid is not a fan of AB…

While we’re on the subject of Tomlin, you can’t argue that the man can coach.  Conversely, you also can’t argue that he isn’t absolutely crazy.  Firstly, look at his eyes.  Mike Tomlin has the eyes of someone who when you meet them at a bar you know you’ve got stalker problems for the next three to five years. Also, the things he says in post-game interviews is completely, bat-shit crazy.  Here are some of my favorites: 

  • “Sometimes you’ve got to cut your eyelids off when you want to blink, when it gets thick.”
  • “the standard is the standard”
  • “The guys didn’t blink, they’re to be given credit for that. Boy, I liked the look in their eye. The resolve.”
  • “Great to see the ‘No Blink’ mentality.”

So JuJu Smith-Schuster is being a good soldier for this guy…the guy who doesn’t believe in blinking.  Well, I guess that explains the crazy eyes.  It’s no wonder Antonio Brown can’t stand this guy.  Still, there are yet more reasons not to trust his former teammate, this includes but is not limited to the Pizza Hut ad. 

Pizza Hut is a plague upon the earth and is an embarrassment to the wide range of cheesy, doughy delights found from Des Moines to Rome.  I can’t say for certain what got AB to do a Pizza hut commercial (likely a ton of cash) but my guess would be he did it to help the Youngblood out and get his face on television sets.  However, I can understand the resentment of being tied to a franchise that still thinks salad bars are a thing.

In the end, it isn’t easy to rock a gold mustache; Antonio Brown did.  It isn’t easy being an Oakland Raider and yet, no one is prouder of getting all the money from a team that couldn’t guarantee a contract for Khalil Mack. Antonio Brown clearly doesn’t mind being unpopular and isn’t that what we want from the Oakland (for now) Raiders?  Wasn’t the glory years of the silver and black replete of villains and anti-heros?  JuJu is free to lead Tomlin’s eyelid-less army but AB, well he’s out here just being Don fucking Quixote.

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