NBA Playoffs?! Absolutely.

We’re only 6 days away from the NBA Playoffs!

We are right around the corner from the beginning of the 2019 NBA playoffs. Each team has either four or five games left to play in their regular season. In the West all the eight playoff spots are locked up and now it is just a matter of who gets which seed. In the East we have tight race for the final playoff spots as Orlando, Miami, Brooklyn, and Detroit are separated by only 1.5 games. It is going to be quite an exciting finish to the regular season.

Eastern Conference Standings

            My “pleasant surprise” team this year is definitely the Milwaukee Bucks with the best record in the NBA at 58-20. Besides the Greek Freak, I find this team quite average. They do have good shooters that can stretch the floor but not many playmakers in my opinion. The way I see it, is if Giannis Antetokounmpo does not play well they will not win, it is as simple as that. The most disappointing team this year has to be the Washington Wizards. I feel like this team disappoints every year. I understand John Wall has missed a significant amount of time, but with a guy like Bradley Beal there is no excuse for missing the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

            If the playoffs started today we would have the pleasure of watching an amazing first round matchup between the Thunder and Warriors. I personally love seeing Durant and Westbrook go at it. Seeing the raw emotion on their faces and how much they want to win is enough to keep me glued to my couch watching them battle it out. Another potential first round matchup is the Nuggets versus the Spurs. I think this would be a great series of two teams who are quite different. The Nuggets have a young, fast, and athletic squad while the Spurs are an older team that like to slow down the game and use their experience to their advantage.

Western Conference Standings

            Looking at the standings, I believe all the seeds in the Western Conference will remain the same with no changes between now and the end of the regular season. In the East I think the Pistons will finish with the six seed, Orlando with the seven seed, and Miami with the eight seed and final spot. Sorry Brooklyn, but I have you guys watching the playoffs from home. The Brooklyn Nets are currently seventh place but they have the toughest remaining schedule of the four teams. They play the Miami Heat on April 10th which could decide who gets the eighth spot. Gimme my Heat to beat the Nets and D-Wade making the playoffs in his final year!

            As much as I love my Heat I do not think they make it out of the Eastern Conference as I think the Celtics will win the East. I like the Warriors to win the West and it being quite easy for them. For my championship matchup I predict the Warriors beating the Celtics in five games and winning their third title in three years. Yes, I know this is the easy way out but let’s be real; who’s stopping the Warriors?

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