NHL Spicy Rumors

Spicy Rumor: Connor McDavid asks for a trade.

Connor McDavid is an Edmonton Oiler. Saddest words in hockey.

Earlier this week the Oilers were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention (something we’ve assumed was going to happen since about October 7th). Right after the game we got the most candid interview a hockey player can give without being eaten alive by *closet upper management* fans we call the media in Edmonton.

Lets be real, he’s frustrated. How on earth could he not be. He’s scoring at paces unseen since Gretzky, in the modern game no less, and his team is SO BAD they can’t make the playoffs. Even with the best player on the planet carrying them. They had TWO (2!!!!!!!!!!!) 100 point guys this year and still weren’t even close.

Here’s the rumors come around. Apparently management is furious with him. There are claims coming from left and right that he’s asked to be moved. He should ask for that. He should’ve asked for that the day they traded MVP Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson, or when they signed Lucic, or when they traded Eberle or when…… you get the point. Management from the ownership down needs to fire themselves and restart. They have it all wrong. Maybe hire someone with a new voice. Maybe start by not hiring every player that played for the Oilers in the 80s. Just a suggestion. (Fun fact: The media also wants to trade Nugent Hopkins, one of three good players on this team.)

The Oilers media will rip him whether he’s asked for a trade or not. Several times this year they claimed he needed to be better. Connor. McDavid. Needs to be better???? That is pure trash. This is the current hockey god. Fix the other 17 roster spots. It is not his fault. (Fun fact: It’s not Tobias Rieder’s fault either.)

So let’s hope for him that he has asked to be shipped. I hope they fumble that trade too when all the other 30 teams come calling. I hope they fix themselves or whatever is “in the water”.

Notice the theme of upper management throwing around dumb quotes as if they know the problem and how to fix it (Fun fact: Matt Hendricks won’t solve that either)

However this is the NHL. Nothing fun ever happens, so McJesus will be stuck in Edmonton until he’s 97 years old. Poor Leon Draisaitl. Poor hockey fans.

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