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The saga continues with Conor Mcgregor… The Irishman is causing problems with his trigger happy Twitter fingers, yet again. Almost to the day three years ago, after his loss to Nate Diaz in March 2016, Mcgregor tweeted

This tweet came when his contract negotiations with the UFC were in limbo and Conor was looking to make a splash in the boxing world. Conor was able to get the fights he wanted and became the first ever Active Two-Division champ in UFC history. Since then he has relinquished his Featherweight title and lost a unification fight vs Khabib Nurmagomedov in October of 2018 for the Lightweight Title.

Khabib vs Conor hasn’t remained in the cage, Conor attacked Khabib’s bus because of an altercation between Khabib and Conor’s friend and training partner Artem Lobov, and included in the countless tweets going back and forth between camps, Conor made comments about Khabib’s wife.

This tweet was in response to Khabib making comments questioning Conor’s wife for her lack of self worth for going back to Conor after allegations of Sexual mischief.

Conor has been in turmoil with rape allegations. These allegations came the same week he announced his retirement again… Conor retracted his tweets about Khabib’s wife and responded by coming out retirement.

Mcgregor is the king at keeping himself relevant. Launching his Whiskey company after his fight vs Mayweather. Now, Conor has launched a Rose wine distribution.

The Mcgregor saga isn’t over just yet. He’s looking to avenge his loss to Khabib and maybe complete the trilogy vs Nate Diaz. a

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