The AAF pisses itself on the way out.

Not even Johnny Football getting a concussion could make the AAF fun to watch.

It did not take long for the AAF experiment to fall off a cliff, but when it did.. it hit the ground face first. As of April 2nd 2019 the AAF has decided to suspend operations effective immediately.

In terms of viewership, the AAF started off strong. Week 1 saw roughly 2.9 million viewers tuning into CBS’s brand new football league. However as the weeks went on viewership started tailing off. Maybe it was their small market approach, or the slew of terrible QBs or maybe… just maybe it was the fact that there is just SO. MANY. SPORTS. TO. WATCH. RIGHT. NOW.

Regardless of the reason, The Alliance of American Football has decided to suspend all operations effective immediately. Even with new Majority investor Tom Dundon investing $70 million since February, Dundon was unsure if the league would extend into the weekend. The decision to suspend operations went against league co-founders and football crypt keepers Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian’s wishes. Maybe Dundon had his eyes on the technology created by this league, or maybe Dundon just had to get his fingers on a league only known for one single viral sack:

Just when you thought things could get worse, reports are now coming out detailing how much of a shit show the AAF really was. According to Robert Klemko, players were told to pay for their own flights home. I’ll repeat PAY FOR THEIR OWN FLIGHTS HOME.

Look we’ve all hit rock bottom once right? Found ourselves in a ditch somewhere in Australia or drinking wine out of a hole in a garbage bag.. but imagine hitting a rock bottom so low that you start penny pinching a grown man’s lunch money?

It’s sad to say the least. At Hot Sauce Sports we were really looking forward to following this shit fest down the rabbit hole. As it turns out this clown show couldn’t even last a season. Meanwhile the CFL plays with rugby sized balls and still has pylons in their endzones. But hey! At least Trent Richardson is making a comeback? Right? Right?… Wrong..

Goodnight sweet prince! You will be sorely missed.


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