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For a while we’ve made our voices known to you via our weekly podcast.  We interview people we find interesting about their field, their story and more importantly anything that piques our interest in that specific moment.  Our platform is also used to mock the typical reverence of sports radio and we come together to laugh at the bizarre stories that we treat as truly important only to forget it moments later.

Like our podcast, we aim to discuss sports topics of the day and make fun of them.  Sports are meant to be fun.  While others erect a cathedral to honor its greatness, we laugh at the word erection like infantile jerks.

Our podcast, and this site, is meant to feel like friends sitting in a bar, having a few too many while talking about or reacting to that night’s game.  Much like those conversations and measuring contests, they tend to veer from the world of sport and spill into other topics as well (circa: Beer 3.5 of the night).  You’ll notice tabs for articles that delve into other topics as well. 

Thanks for joining us on this idiotic journey!    

-Peeze (Emperor and false Idol)

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